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How to change displayed Date/Time format on the taskbar

How to change displayed Date/Time format on the taskbar
How to change displayed Date/Time format on the taskbar
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By default, Windows 7 displays the date in numerical form, but personally, I prefer when the month is written in words, as well as when the day of the week is displayed. It might come in handy for some of you. Similarly, with a little trick you can add any inscription next to the clock.

So, in order to start setting up date and time format, select Start → Control Panel → When viewing section "Large icons" select "Region and Language" (has an icon, as in the screenshot below).

Control Panel (Region and Language)

This will open a window in which you must click "Additional settings...".

Region and Language

A window will appear "Customize Format", in which first go to "Date". Here in the field "Date formats" a way to display the date is set. To achieve the same format as in the picture in this article, in the "Short date" you must enter: d MMMM yyyy ddd. You can also add the word "year" as showed in the example in the "Long date". Next to the date, you can also display the abbreviated day of the week, if you type "ddd" or in a full way if you type "dddd".

Customize Format (Date)

To change the time format go to the tab "Time". Ways to specify formats are given directly in these boxes. Unfortunately it is not possible to output seconds on the taskbar. You can cheat a little and add any random word next to the time displayer. To do this in the "Long time" in the desired place (before or after) write "tt". And in the bottom two fields enter the word you would like to display (see screenshot). After all the changes don't forget to click the OK button.

Customize Format (Time)
Before and after

Optionally write your nickname or name, this can also be used for other purposes (to display by default symbols of time before noon and after noon). Use creative approach, write the name of your home town, and its native time zone, for example, if you leave on a trip and leave your time zone, but want to know town's time, not to get confused. But pay attention this field has a limited number of characters.

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